More Flats Expected at Punggol. Piermont Grand Punggol Waterfront

More than 2000 new flats are expected to be launched in New Waterfront District Punggol. This is after the launching of two development projects for housing. The projects which are expected to be finished by 2023 include the Punggol Point Woods which will have 940 units and the Punggol Point Cove with 1172 units. These units form part of 17,000 BTO-flats that are to be launched.

Piermont Grand EC will be the latest residential development. 

The new waterfront district will be the 5th of 7 in Punggol area which at the end will have a total of 11 districts. 25700 flats from the previous 4 waterfront districts have already been handed over to thirty-one build-to-order projects. This is means that the take-up rate is almost 100 percent as per the statement that was released by the HDB. There are new developments located at Punggol Waterfront and even Executive Condominiums such as Piermont Grand by Capitaland. Piermont Grand is located near to Sumang LRT Station and Punggol MRT Station.

One thing that makes Punggol Point stand out is that there is a new heritage trail that’s found along the Old Punggol Road. This was previously the main route of transport by fishermen and farmers who were commuting between Punggol and Serangoon. But with the latest redevelopment, the trail is expected to be pedestrianized to create a trail that spans 1.5 km. This will ensure that there is a frictionless connection between MyWaterway at Punggol and the Punggol Jetty.

New and Modern Punggol Town

Additionally, this heritage trail will also consist of a green buffer-zone running for 10 meters on either side of the carriageway. According to the Housing Board, this will create a stunning rustic ambiance in addition to a green tunnel kind of effect. These new developments will significantly change Punggol District which in the past was just a farming area with lots of plants. However, the new housing projects will create a vibrant atmosphere that’s still surrounded by nature.

The New Waterfront District Punggol housing project is found in the north-eastern edge of the Punggol town. It sits on land that’s connected with Johor Strait. Note that this district is expected to undergo major redevelopment and it will be an environmentally-friendly green and smart town in order to pay homage to its farming heritage.

Seafront Facing Units at Punggol Waterfront

These housing projects will be implemented in such a way that both residents and visitors can access the seafront. So, they will be integrated with the Punggol Promenade via parks and green spaces. As per the HDB, this area will have easier access to reactional, dining, and retail facilities but all these will be made possible through the seamless public transport network, cycling, and walking. There is also a possibility of on-demand shuttles and autonomous buses being used in this area in the future.

Credits: Straits Time

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